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If you are interested in adopting a rescue Scottish Terrier, please complete the Application Form link on the left. If you have a Scottish Terrier looking for placement, please email us ator call , or contact Linda Thompson .

If you are considering adoption of a rescue scottie in thePacific Northwest, please fill out an application click the button below, or contact.

As our name implies, we operate in theNorthwestern U.S.In special cases we have received Scotties from as r away as Florida but we do not ship Scotties out of our area. The logistics of shipping a Scottie are difficult and expensive, but our main concern is that we would be unable to meet potential adopters in person and visit their homes. We would be unable to adequately ascertain if we were placing a Scottie into a safe and caring environment. We do have the ability to refer potential adopters to Scottie Rescues in other parts of the U.S.

This site is intended to be an area where we can pass along information about rescue, post stories and pictures of some of our rescues and to have all of our forms available that you will need to apply for placement or to foster one of our dogs. As we find articles that are pertinent to rescue and Scotty care, we will add them also.

The Scotties in our care are generally in good health and we do not place dogs that are ill or injured. Though they are few, there are always the sad cases of neglect, abuse or abandonment. Because we are a rescue, we treat, care for and nurture these special cases until they are fit to be placed in a new home.

For us here at STRNW, it truly is All about the Scottie.

located in Washington state, is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the care and placement of Scotties in need of new forever homes. Scotties that come into our care are health checked, treated for any existing medical conditions, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. STRNW does not place intact Scotties in adoptive homes.

The majority of Scotties that come into our care are owner surrenders. These are generally adult dogs that are parted from their milies for a variety of reasons. Adopting an adult Scottie can be especially rewarding and often bypasses the hectic puppy stage. Although these are often beautiful dogs they are not show dogs and in the majority of cases they are undocumented and their pedigree is unknown. Our Scotties are meant to be mily members, to be loved, cared for and admired for just being a Scottie.

Were onFacebooknow please check out our site on Facebook. ClickHEREto get the latest news on rescues and placements of our beloved scotties! You dont need a Facebook account to view our Facebook . If you do have a Facebook account, we are always looking for more ns check us out!

Our Northwest coverage area includesWashington State, Northern Oregon and Western Idaho. _

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