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Check here to find information on legislation and other legislation and policies of interest to MoALPHA members.

Advocate for the health of all Missouri residents.

NAHO Report Local Health Departments Prepare for the Health Impacts of Climate Change

MoALPHA is a voluntary association of local public health agencies city and county health departments in Missouri, founded in . Our mission is to

Today, will feature an article that highlights Veterans Day and focuses on resources available to help veterans and activeduty military personnel quit tobacco use. This article,Celebrate This Veterans Day Tobacco Free,shares the story ofTips From Former Smokers®participant, Brian, and includes his video.

MoALPHA P. O. Box St. Louis MO Phone

Enhance the National Capability to Produce and Effectively Use Both Medical Countermeasures and NonPharmaceutical Interventions

NAHOs Model Practices Program nationally honors and recognizes outstanding local public health practice and shares the outstanding practices through the Model Practices Daase. By submitting a practice, LHDs contribute to the overall improvement of public health through effective evidencebased practice methods.

There is less than a month left to apply for NAHOs Model Practices Program. The program honors and recognizes outstanding local health initiatives from across the nation, and shares and promotes these practices among LHDs through the Model Practice Daase. Dec. is the  deadline to apply.Apply today »

OSH is relying on you to share this feature with your tobaccocontrol partners to help inform others of the many quitting resources available to veterans and other service members. OSH social media platforms will also support the release of the feature article. Follow CDCTobaccoFree onFacebookandTwitterfor timely sharing of this content with your own ns and followers.

Local health departments LHDs play a critical role in connecting health outcomes with the effects of climate change. To increase awareness of local efforts to respond to this issue, NAHO has released a compendium of case studies highlighting how LHDs across the nation are successfully preparing for and addressing the effects of climate change on health.Learn more »

Check here for information on the Oral Health Policy Conference on March ,

Support communication among local, state and federal public health agencies.

MOALPHA advocates for the healthof all Missourians by strengthening local public health agencies.

The National Health Security Award honors LHDs for improving community resilience in their jurisdictions. National health security is a state in which the nation and its people are prepared for, protected from, and resilient in the ce of incidents with health consequences. This year, NAHO is pleased to recognize five health departments for their achievements in the following categories

The MoALPHA Bulletin Board will allow you to communicate directly with your MoALPHA colleagues regarding important issues and healthrelated topics. If you are a local public health administrator, assistant administrator or supervisor and would like access to the Bulletin Board, please create an account below. All other staff may have access to the Bulletin Board with approval from their administrator. If you are a health department administrator thenclick hereto create an account.

Cultivating a Culture of Health Equity by Strengthening a Partnership between Public Health and Community Organizers

Provide educational and networking opportunities for the public health workforce.

NAHO National Health Security Strategy Award

Kansas City Health Department awarded Model Practices Award for

City of St. Louis Department of Health awarded National Health Security Strategy Award for

Stay uptodate with the latest legislative news and policies regarding public health in Missouri.

Click here to learn about the Missouri Association of Local Boards of Health.


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